Having a child with autism who can talk but seldom does, can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. Families, teachers, and others often ask what they can do to help children with autism overcome struggles with communication. The ability to request effectively for reinforcing items, objects, and actions can lead to more meaningful social initiations and interactions, as well as a reduction in problem behavior. “Teaching Kids to Talk” uses case-study video examples along with step-by-step instruction to show parents and teachers how to help a child with autism increase and improve their use of language.

In this module we’ll cover these learning objectives:

  • Explain why it is important to teach your child to request things he/she wants.
  • Implement the correct procedures needed to teach your child to request.
  • Expand your child’s language skills by teaching them to request other items and actions needed to obtain their favorite things.

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Teaching Children to Talk


Do you have a child with autism who has the ability to talk but seldom does?