Irrational or unusual fear is an issue that many children with autism and their families struggle with every day. These fears often cause extreme stress and can impact the entire family.
In an effort to remedy the situation, caregivers may attempt to create an environment in which there is no possibility for a child to come in contact with or be exposed to a particular fear. This “sheltering” can impact a child’s daily life and limit their ability to gain access to learning and social opportunities. “Overcoming Irrational Fears” uses video examples and step-by-step instructions to show parents and teachers how to help their child safely and gradually tolerate or overcome fear.

In this module we’ll cover these learning objectives:

  • Identify two factors that suggest necessary action needs to be taken when your child has an irrational fear.
  • Complete three pre-intervention steps that help make that will make success more likely.
  • Implement the steps necessary to help your child overcome their fear(s)

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Overcoming Fears


Do you have a child with autism who has unusual or irrational fears?