Most children with autism have deficits in social interaction and communication. They can include a lack of typical reciprocal conversation, an inability to initiate or respond to social cues, and an overall void of interest in peers. If children have difficulty sharing, can’t grasp imaginative play, and don’t share common interests, making friends can seem impossible.
The truth is, most children showing these deficits have not yet learned or experienced the positive effects of interacting with peers. “Making Friends” provides parents with the steps necessary to create a genuine desire to interact with peers, setting the stage for more meaningful social interaction.

In this module we’ll cover these learning objectives:

  • Explain why many children with autism have little or no interest in peers.
  • List the benefits of pairing peers with reinforcement.
  • Implement the steps necessary to pair peers with reinforcement.

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Making Friends


Do you have a child with autism who shows little or no interest in peers?